Blank Screen on Flipchart/ Page Browser shows everything.

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A co-worker created a flip chart that does not show all of the text and writing she saved on the main screen, but everything she did shows up on the browser. I have tried all I know to help fix this issue including: installing the new v 1.8.64351 software update and trying the saved file on my own computer. Both computers have a Windows 7 OS. When I look on the object browser page, some of the text is not reflected as being there, however when I flip to the page browser all text is shown. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and may possibly know the solution?


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    Hi Jay, 
    Unfortunately this usually means the flipchart has gone corrupt/not saved correctly and only the preview of what the pages looked like remains. 
    Are you trying to open it from the computer that it was created on? If not, this sometimes resolves the issue as ActivInspire is able to retrieve the content from the temp folders. 

    Your reference: 00468464
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    One of my students has exactly the same problem! Is there no such thing as a recovery option for these kind of damaged flipcharts?
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    Hello Jaap,

    There currently isn’t a recovery option to retrieve the lost
    information from the flipcharts. This issue tends to happen usually when too
    much information is added onto one flipchart and sometimes when the flipchart
    file is moved between different computers.
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    The first time this happened, there were only 7 pages with very little on each page, so it definitely wasn't because there was too much content. Is this a known problem? Why isn't there a fix?
  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 694 mod
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    If you have a copy of
    the flipchart for us to review, you can submit that to us through this
    form on our Knowledge Base.  We may
    have some further questions to ask in regards to that file to help us determine
    what may have caused the corruption to occur, but would not be able to recover
    any of the pages that were lost.

    (Support Case 00468464)
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    I am having this problem intermittently for files that are created on my home computer , saved to a pen drive and then used on the school computers.....how can I avoid this please?
  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 2,146 admin
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    Hi Tracy,

    Are the flip chart files working on your home computer still?

    Have you selected your USB icon and safely removed the drive before removing the USB pen drive?

    The main cause of corrupt flip charts using this method is the pen drive is not always "ejected" safetly before being removed.

    I hope this helps.


    Case 00493503 has been created should you wish to contact us directly for this issue.
  • This has happened to me several times.  This last time, I put my computer to sleep.  When I woke it back up it had completely shut down.  The program asked if I wanted to recover a flipchart.  I said yes, but then it said the program had an error and had to shut down.  When I opened it again, the file showed about 1/3 of the 20 pages or so, and the rest said they had trouble opening the page so they were replaced with a blank by default.  The ones that show in the browser do not display.  This was several class periods of work and hours of time.  I am not happy!
  • Since our last post on this thread, we have created an Article for our Support Page regarding this issue:

    1562 - ActivInspire Flipcharts open with blank pages

    In case, as with other instances of this behavior, our advice would be to copy any unaffected pages to a new flipchart file and re-create any pages that are not displaying.
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