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Downloaded ActivInspire to my mac, and the first time i opened it, it asked if i was used to other programs, like Microsoft Powerpoint and some others. I selected the powerpoint layout, and now I think it looks "wrong". Is there any way to reset it to the default layout? I've tried to reinstall the program, but that changes nothing.


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    Hi Lasse
    You can change this by loading ActivInspire and clicking on the "View" tool bar at the top and select "Dashboard", click configure on he left hand side and then tick the icon "Launch next time using the primary look and feel".

    I hope this information helps.
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    Adam, I don't believe Lasse is talking about wanting the ActivPrimary layout; I believe he simply wants the main toolbox to one side or the other rather than on the top.

    Lasse, if that's the case, click File> Settings (Windows) or ActivInspire> Preferences (Mac). In the Edit Profiles window that comes up, choose the Layout tab. Finally, in the field next to Main Toolbox, select either Dock Right or Dock Left, click Done and the toolbox will move to that side of the flipchart.
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    For changing the look of ActivInspire (from Studio to Primary or
    vice versa), Adam’s instructions are correct.


    Geno’s instructions allow you to access preferences to set the
    positions of elements within the ActivInspire software (e.g. the Toolboxes, the
    Browser, the Menu Bar), their visibility in the software, and in the case of the
    toolboxes, whether they are seen at all times or slide off screen when not in
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    Thank you!  I had the same question! :)
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    Thanks guys, this really helped me! :-) Adam's suggestion helped somewhat, but the input from Geno was exactly what i was looking for :-)
  • i searched up a youtube  video of how to get 24 colors on my toolbox the video i clicked said to click the main menu then file then settings and then go to the layout tab but i dont have the layout tab i only have the settings tab is there any way i can fix that
  • Hi maddogs21,

    You'll be using the Personal edition of ActivInspire rather than the Professional edition.

    If you have an ActivInspire Activation key, you'll need to go to Help>About>Register and enter this here.
    If you do not have one, please see the below link on how to generate one:

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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