Font is cut off in flip charts.

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When I open Flip charts from my colleagues, the font is cut off until I double click on the text box and then it appears.


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    One possible cause of how the Text Objects are appearing can
    be a difference in screen resolution between the computer on which the
    flipchart was created and the computer on which the flipchart is now being


    To possibly help with this, right-click on the Desktop and
    choose ‘Screen Resolution’ from the menu which appears.  In the window which opens, click on “Make text
    smaller or larger”; make this setting “Smaller – 100%” and click ‘Apply’.


    It may also be worth making sure that the font used by your
    colleague in creating that flipchart is available on the computer being used to
    open that flipchart.


    (Support Case 00527860)
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    I have this problem and it has nothing to do with screen resolution. It happens with all fonts even Arial and Times and with flipcharts created on the same laptop. It opens them with a text box that is too small. I have to reselect each text box too see the fonts correctly again.
  • We got the same issue when making flipcharts on different pc's (windows 10) with default fonts like arial and verdana. 

  • Hi and thanks for posting!

    We now have an article that has a solution for this issue!  Please see below:


    Please let us know if this resolves the problem for you.

    Kind Regards,

    Promethean Technical Support
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