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My projector will not fit the whiteboard. The display is very slanted and doesn't fir the screen properly.
Any help?



  • Hi Colm,

    Thank you for your post.

    To help us look into the issue can you please confirm the model of projector you have? Also can you please confirm the model / size of ActivBoard you have.

    Thank you,

  • walshcolm82walshcolm82 Posts: 2
    hi craig

    the model is PRM-10

    PRM AB2 01 is the product code for the active board

  • Hi walshcolm82,

    It sounds like the projector needs to be aligned. This usually only needs to be done at install or if the projector has been moved. 

    To help us advise can you please provide us with an image. 

    It may be easier if you contact us directly, I have provided below a link below for the contact us form:


    Thank you,

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