No interactivity with screen.

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One of our active panels has has stopped being interactive. we have tried new USB, audio leads and reinstalling the ActiveDriver. We are getting a good picture no sound or interactivity by touch, the buttons on the front of the panel or when using the remote apart from switching on and off.

Flat Panel  APT2-65  Serial 65E80 ***Removed by Promethean*** {I think print is a bit small}.


  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 592 mod

    Even if there is no computer response to Touch input made at the Panel’s surface, does the ActivPanel show as a connected device within the ActivManager?  If that device is detected, what firmware is listed with that device in the ActivManager?  Also, please confirm for us which version of the ActivDriver was installed.


    Is the video connection to this panel made over VGA or HDMI?  If the former, please ensure that there is also an audio connection being made from the computer to the Panel’s PC-AUDIO port.  In either case, please make sure that the proper audio device is chosen in the computer’s settings as an output and that the volume on the panel has been raised sufficiently.

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    Hello Jarrad, The OS is Windows 10 64-Bit. Thank you for your answers it sorted the sound out {updated audio driver}.

    The panel does not show up in ActivManager.    ActivDriver version 5_15_10 the connection is by VGA

  • Miguel PrometheanMiguel Promethean Posts: 415 mod
    Hi KYates,

    Thank you for your response.

    Regarding the ActivPanel not being detected by the ActivDriver, have you tried to log in with admin rights?
    If the problem persists, try another laptop/pc on this ActivPanel.

    Please let us know the outcome.

    Thank you

    Promethean Technical Support

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    Hello Miguel. we have tried a laptop on this panel,  using admin rights. Still with no luck.
  • Hello KYates,

    How is the USB connected to the ActivPanel?

    Power off the panel by pressing the power button on the front, toggle the switch on the side, disconnect power for 2 minutes and then reconnect.

    Please test with another single length of USB cable, not longer than about 9 feet. 

    If using any 3rd party boosters, extenders, or wallbox, please bypass those to connect directly.

    Does the touch USB port on the panel feel loose at all? 

    Please let us know if this resolves the issue.

    Promethean Support
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    Hello Michael. I have just tried what you have suggested with no luck. I shall leave the panel unplugged for a few days and have another go with it Tuesday next week.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Kind regards.


  • KYatesKYates Posts: 7

    Hello Michael. I have tried what up suggested. The power was out over the weekend. Still with no affect. The panel is connected by 2M USB cable {no booster fitted} from the computer  to the panel Touch-USB port on the left hand side on the panel. The port does not feel loose. The only buttons on the front of panel that works is the power button.

  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 592 mod
    We are sending a message to the e-mail address associated to your user account on this community with further instructions to take with this panel, @KYates.
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    Hello Jarrad, I have tried your Q-firmware file. there is still not interactivity with the panel. We have tried two desktops and  a laptop all work on other panels but not this one. I have attached the photo here.
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    Hello KYates,

    We sent an email to the address provided requesting additional information. Please respond to that email with the requested information for further assistance. 

    Promethean Technical Support
  • KYatesKYates Posts: 7

    Hello James.

    I have replied sending the picture  and a comment that the firmware has had no affect. I have again sent the sent the picture and comments again this time to a person named Julie. I am hopping for a swift conclusion to this problem.

    Kindest regards.

    Kevin Yates.   

  • Miguel PrometheanMiguel Promethean Posts: 415 mod
    Hi KYates ,

    We have now replied to your email with further information.

    Thank you

    Promethean Technical Support
  • ShareeSharee Posts: 2

    Hi Miguel I have the same problem as Kevin. Can you please email with further information.

    Thank You

  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 1,877 admin
    Hi Sharee,

    I will contact you directly for further information.

    I would recommend anyone else experiencing this issue to contact us directly on the below link:

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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