Release Notes for ClassFlow Desktop v3.0.17-3 (released 8th April 2017)

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ClassFlow Desktop was updated over the weekend, and the new version is 3.0.17-3. Ensure you are logged in to ClassFlow within the software so it can update. Once downloaded, a pop-up notification will alert you to restart the application.

The update URLs which may need to be whitelisted on school networks are listed below:


Improved launch time

Angle displayed when ruler is rotated

Improved usability when moving text

Alignment markers removed when using Whiteboard

Localisation of ClassFlow Desktop installation wizard

Bug fixes

Windows 7 (32 bit) error converting ActivInspire flipcharts

Unable to move the math formula on the card in Lesson Builder

Text color tool in Lesson Builder now updates correctly

Text properties now saved in Lesson Builder when card size is changed

Font family and size now displayed when text is copied into Lesson Builder

Can now play MP4 video in Lesson Preview

Mouse no longer stays stuck after pen is released

Errors preventing certain cards to be screen captured

You will find a dedicated support page on the Support Portal.
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