Touch Calibration is VERY OFF

A teacher incorrectly calibrated her ActivPanel 4.5 - essentially touching the wrong icons. Now, she is unable to get to any of the menus.  The touch calibration is off by several FEET. How do we get back to the default, or access a menu to recalibrate?


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    Hi kgodfrey,

    Thank you for posting on the Support Community.

    If you are using the ActivConnect G-Series and the touch calibration is completely off, you would need to connect a USB mouse to the USB/OTG port on the ActivConnect G-series. Use your mouse to get to the Settings>ActivCalibrate app.
    Information on how to calibrate on the ActivConnect G-series can be found on the link below:

    If you have a computer connected to the ActivPanel, you can calibrate using the ActivManager Calibration Tool. For this you will need the ActivDriver which can be downloaded from the below link:

    I hope this information helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • What if I updated my ActivDriver and the ActivManager isn't appearing in the system tools tray? I am using the ActivConnect G-series with a laptop connected via VGA to the ActivPanel.
  • Hi rcandino,

    The ActivCalibrate app is pre-installed on the ActivConnect G-Series, and can be used to calibrate your ActivPanel. 

    Ensure the ActivPanel is connected to the USB port on the ActivConnect G-Series.

    Go to Settings and tap ActivCalibrate.
    User-added image
    The first time you open the app, you will be prompted to authorise ActivCalibrate to access your ActivPanel (USB device). Check the box, and tap OK.
    User-added image
    Touch the centre of each highlighted cross with your finger.
    User-added image
    After the fifth cross, the ActivCalibrate app will close automatically. Your ActivPanel is calibrated and ready for use. 

    Alternatively, if you wish to use your laptop, ActivManager will need to detect the ActivPanel and you can click on the ActivManager icon and select Calibration.
    If ActivManager isn't showing, if you go to your installation folder for the ActivDriver (default is C:\Program Files\Activ Software\ActivDriver), run the activmgr application and this should get it to start.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • When I open ActivCalibrate, I am getting a message that "no compatible Promethean ActivBoards or ActivPanels found".  What does the ActivConnect G-series look like? My touch recognition cable is connected to Touch 2 and the USB end is connected to my laptop. There are other USB ports near there. Closer to the top of the panel in the back is a small box with two ports: USB, USB/OTG, and a Micro SD slot. There is a USB cable plugged into the USB/OTG port. Should I move the USB cable to the port labeled only USB?
  • Hello rcandino,

    Can you please remove the USB cable from the USB/OTG port, this could be causing the issue. 

    Once you have connected to the standard USB port, please try to calibrate again. 

    We look forward to hearing from you. 

    Kind regards, 

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    I have similar problem but am using a Linux setup.  I have installed the drivers and attempted to use the calibration tool but the screen never shows the targets or the orange touch circle.  The stand alone calibration tool (a separate download) will not install because of an unregistered dependency. I am not mirroring my displays (my desk display is a separate screen from the promethean board). The driver software does 'see' and respond to the touch screen. I, too have two USB ports labeled "Touch 2" and "Touch 3" (which begs the question: where is Touch 1?) only Touch 2 seems to work.  

    Added information.  The problem appears to be that I have not mirrored my screens.  The diagnostic tool reveals that the position information is mapped to the entire two screens (currently set up side by side). How do I modify the transformation matrix for the input to the screen (like the x11 touchscreen tool)
  • Hello, @dbeek

    On a Version 5 ActivPanel (Product code AP5-xx), the TOUCH 1 and HDMI 1 ports are the ones located on the front of the Panel.  If this is a different model of ActivPanel, please let us know so we can provide better advise for that model.

    Our ActivBoard Touch, ActivWall, and ActivPanel hardware are not supported for use with displays which are arranged in an Extended manner; only use with Mirrored displays is supported with that hardware.
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    Ok. Very Well. I can live without the touch screen. I haven't had that feature for years anyway.  I just go back to a handheld mouse controller. Thank you.
  • I have the same issue with two Promethean Active Panels in our school.  29 panels have perfect calibration but these 2 will not calibrate.  I get the message that the calibration is not available and I followed the directions above.  Any other suggestions?  
  • Hi ChristieLewis,

    Can you please provide us with the model of ActivPanel that is having the calibration issue as this will allow us to provide you with more detailed instruction?

    If you connect a computer to the panel, are you able to run calibration in ActivManager? ActivManager will need to detect the ActivPanel. Once it is connected, you can click on the ActivManager icon and select Calibration.
    If ActivManager isn't showing, if you go to your installation folder for the ActivDriver (default is C:\Program Files\Activ Software\ActivDriver), run the activmgr application and this should get it to start. 
    If your computer does not have ActivManager on it, you can download the Driver here, https://support.prometheanworld.com/product/activdriver

    Is your calibration off on these panels all over the screen or does it get worse in certain areas (like around the edges)?

    We look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards, 
    Promethean Technical Support

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