How to access USB storage device connected to ActivPanel 5?

I have a new ActivPanel 5 and would like to connect a USB storage device to the front USB port. I've done so, but can't access the files on the drive. Are there settings I need to activate on the panel? Is there a better method to access the files on the USB drive?  Thank you.

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  • Michael PrometheanMichael Promethean Posts: 150 mod
    Hello kgodfrey,

    To access the media files on the USB drive, you will need to select "Media Browser" as the source. Once there, you will be able to browse the contents of the USB drive and play compatible files. 

    Promethean Support
  • kgodfreykgodfrey Posts: 19
    Great.  Thank you. If I have a Powerpoint file on my USB drive, I would still go to Media Browser and would then be able to open the Powerpoint file with Powerpoint that I've already downloaded, correct?
  • Nayeli PrometheanNayeli Promethean Posts: 46 mod
    edited July 2017
    Hi kgodfrey , 

    You will not be able to open the Powerpoint file in the Media Browser since it is not a compatible file. You will need to connect the ActivConnect G-series to the panel and insert the USB drive into the OTG port. You will also need to install an application on the ActivConnet G-series that compatible with Powerpoint files. You can find that application in the GooglePlay store. 

    Thank you, 
    Promethean Technical Support 
  • kgodfreykgodfrey Posts: 19
    Thank you. Can the USB ports on the front of the ActivPanel 5 be used for an external microphone or camera? We have document cameras that we'd like to connect and the front port would be convenient. If that will work, can we connect to that port and then use the ActivPanel's Camera app to access the document camera?
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