LED light stays on blue but no display

The ActivPanel was working fine until my class had to leave it for circle time. Then the display looked garbled and frozen. I tried to turn off the ActivPanel but neither the remote or the button itself would turn it off. I reset the whole system, including laptop and turned the button off on the side of the monitor. After a few minutes, I turned everything back on and the ActivPanel LED has stayed blue but no display whatsoever of the "Activ Panel" screen or even the "no signal". Just nothing and it doesn't turn off. Please respond and help! 


  • foxtailfoxtail Posts: 2
    *** Added** Our ActivPanel is directly connected to laptop.
  • Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, @foxtail

    In this case, we would advise reaching out to our support team by e-mail, phone, or chat and providing the serial number and product code of the Panel in question, along with a description of the Panel's behavior as described here.

    In the event this is a fault in the Panel's hardware, they will be able to affect a replacement after confirmation of the issue, the troubleshooting performed, and the Panel's warranty coverage.
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