Flame not lit up

My board is turned on and properly connected.  The projector part is working, but the interactive panel portion is not.  The flame is not lit up.  It only projects what's on the laptop screen.


  • If the ActivBoard in question has an Amplifier module built-in on its left side (there will be volume, bass, and treble adjustments with headphone plugs below them) look for the ON/STANDBY button on that module.  If the button is Red, press the button so it becomes Green; does this cause any change in the flame on the board's surface?

    On the computer used with this board, please make sure our updated ActivDriver (version 5.16.7, as of this post) is installed; that Driver can be downloaded from the ActivDriver page on Promethean Support, if needed.

    If the USB connection in place between the computer and the Board uses any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable or booster, a wallbox, an external USB hub or docking station), please instead try making a direct connection between the computer and the Board using only a single 3m (or shorter) length of A-to-B USB cable.  While connecting in this manner, does the flame light and does the ActivManager on the computer recognize that any hardware is connected?
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