Lamp will not come on even though there is not a lamp warning.

saracinilsaracinil Posts: 2
I have a PRM-30A projector.  The lamp will not come on, but the lamp light has never come on.  When I turn on the power the green power light and the fan comes on, stays on for several seconds, and then the fan goes off.  This repeats 3-4 times.  Then the power light turns red and flashes 15 times before it goes off completely.

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  • saracinilsaracinil Posts: 2
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    That was it! I didn't think, based on the fact that there was no lamp warning and the short time I've had the board, that this was the problem. Thanks. 


  • Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean Posts: 528 mod
    Hello saracinil

    To help us look into the issue can you please test a known working lamp from another unit. This will confirm if your lamp is causing the issue. 

    I have attached a guide showing you how to change the lamp. 

    We look forward to hearing from you. 

  • Glad to hear that worked, @saracinil.

    If you do need to purchase a replacement lamp for that projector, we would recommend reaching out to Panasonic for information about the pricing and availability of lamps for that model.

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