Flipchart to PDF gets chopped off?

I am trying to convert my flipcharts into PDFs, but the flipchart images get chopped off. It appears that the PDF's only capture the texts/images that fall inside of the "world" measurements. Is there any way I can fix this without having to change all of my flipcharts to fit inside the "world" box? Thanks.

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  • Hi kharmon,

    Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

    ActivInspire will only print and export to PDF the content that has been created on the flipchart page itself (or the Notes from the Notes Browser if selected). 

    We can help to raise this with our software development team to review and consider for future releases of the software however for the moment we would recommend that your flipchart files be changed to home all content on the flipchart page rather than the 'World'. 

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • Thanks, Adam. How would I go about changing my flipchart files to "home all content"?
  • Thanks. Yes that would be great for ActivInspire to come up with a way so that the PDF conversion isn't limited to the Flipchart page, or at least limit the ability to post things outside of the flipchart page. Thanks again for the help!
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