AP4-70 Playstore Not Available

Ran all available updates.  Checked downdetector and Google Playstore is up and running.  Other sites are loading so wifi is working as expected.  Ideas?


  • What software version is on the ActivConnect device used with the ActivPanel? Article 1652 from our support page will help you locate that information on the device.

    Do any error messages display when the Play Store fails to load?  If so, what does that message state?
  • rrad – thanks for the super quick response!  I don’t recall the version number but, yesterday, we did all the updates on the Activ Connect – one that locks part way through but resumes when restarted.  A 2nd update that installs itself with no problem.  The board rebooted itself, shrunk the screen so we had to manually change the resolution back to full size, etc.  So we have the newest version (via online) of the Activ Connect software that is available from Promthean.

    By the way one of our Design and Training techs said this:  “We played around with the Playstore over here as well. Or tried to.  Turns out, it’s blocked from the factory. :(  We found that out from our Promethean vendor, Brittany.”

    Could it be we simply CANNOT access it as set up on the boards?

    David, Field Support Technician

  • Hi dabip001,

    Can you please confirm which ActivConnect that you have, or the software version?  As we have more than one type and we do not want to give you the wrong information.

    We look forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards,

    Promethean Technical Support
  • The error message is “Playstore Not Available”

     The Activ Connect module is Model Number:  PRM-x6pro-01, s/n: G162500000655.  The board is an Activ Panel AP4-70.

     The Software has been upgraded to whatever version is newest on Promethean Planet – two rounds of upgrades.  I can’t interrupt the teacher again to grab the version number.

     By the way our training techs were told by Promethean that the feature Google Playstore has been blocked by Promethean at the manufacturer’s level.  ??

  • The Google Play Store is not blocked on the ActivConnect G Devices (though some network, firewall, and white-listing settings may need to be in place to prevent the device from accessing the Play Store; more information in this Article).  In fact, in the event they are not present on a given device, we do have a .apk for the Google Play Services (that would include the store) that can be downloaded (from this Article on our support site)and installed via the apkinstaller app on the device.

    While we do have the update for the ActivConnect's software available from download from our support site here, that is most often done through the 'Online Update' option in the ActivConnect's 'Upgrade' application.  The current version of the software, as noted in the 'Update' application as of this post, is 1.0.26.
  • Note:  We did install the latest updates via Online Update...not via Promethean Planet website - I misspoke.  So it sounds like either it's being blocked or doesn't exist/needs to be installed via the .apk?
  • If those services have not been installed on the device previously, then yes, they would need to be installed via the .apk file from our support article (Article 1575 from our support page)
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