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We have recently acquired a set of ActivExpression 2 devices having already set up a previous set in another class. I have installed everything identically with the same driver and software. The devices have registered successfully with the USB connector however when starting a self-paced quiz the questions do not appear on the devices yet the progress screen appears with the correct named devices. 

Any help on what is stopping the quizzes from appearing on the devices? I have taken one to the PC that is fully functioning with the devices and it works. 

Any help would be appreciated, 



  • Hi mrgandhi and thanks for posting!

    Could you please try resetting the ActivHub in the computer where it is not working and re-registering the devices?  Can you also please confirm the version numbers of both ActivDriver and ActivInspire that you have installed?

    We look forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards,

    Promethean Technical Support

  • Hi, thanks for the speedy response. I've removed and re-registered the devices several times but no luck. Is there a certain way to reset the ActivHub? The devices register okay but quizzes do not show up on the devices once a quiz is played. We are running on ActivDriver 5_16_7_x86 and ActivInspire v2.10.66827. What I'm struggling to understand is that the same driver and same software is installed on the other PC but the quizzes do not play. 
  • Hi mrgandhi,

    This is a difficult scenario as this seems to be PC specific, are you using the same ActivHub between the 2 machines?  To Reset the hub you just need to open device registration and hit "Clear".

    It could be that the ActivHub needs a firmware update.  For instructions on how to do this please see this article:


    Please let us know how you get on.

    Kind Regards,

    Promethean Technical Support
  • When testing on another computer, were the same devices and ActivHub used or were the other computer's devices utilized in that test.  Also, was the same flipchart and question set used on that other computer?

    In the Flipchart being used, are the questions set up with one question on each page in the Question Manager or with all of the questions on a single page (which would be how to set up a Self-paced assessment in the software)?
  • When testing on another computer the other computer's devices were used. I have tested flipcharts that I have regularly used myself on the other computer with the other devices but still no response from the devices. The questions are all set up on a single page within the question manager. The issue isn't with the self-paced quizzes as I have used all of those successfully with a different set of devices. The issue is when using the quizzes with a different set of devices and a different activhub, the quizzes are not displaying on the devices yet they are all registered and appearing as active once a quiz has started.
  • First, let's make sure that the ActivInspire software and ActivDriver in use are at their most up-to-date version (2.11 and 5.17, respectively, as of this post); both updated can be downloaded from our support site on the below pages:

    ActivInspire (Windows, macOS):  https://support.prometheanworld.com/download/activinspire.html

    ActivDriver (Windows 32/64 bit, macOS):  https://support.prometheanworld.com/product/activdriver

    Can you also confirm for us the version of Firmware on the ActivHub to which the devices that are not displaying the Self-Paced question set and the firmware version from one of the ActivExpression devices in question?  Information on updating the firmware on these devices can be found in Article 1573 from our support site.

    With everything up to date, does the same behavior occur when administering a self-paced assessment to this set of ActivExpression devices?
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