Sound from connected external speaker

I have a speaker in the ceiling of the classroom that is connected to the top 3.5mm speaker out on the side of the board. I an not getting sound to that speaker. The speaker works directly from the computer and the power is good. 
How do I get the sound to come out using the second output or can I change the board? Just needing help troubleshooting the sound.


  • Without the External speaker connected to the Amplifier module on the side of the ActivBoard, are you able to hear audio through the speakers on the ActivBoard?

    Is the Audio connection between the Computer and the ActivBoard being made over the USB connection or through a separate 3.5mm cable from the Computer to an input on the Amplifier?

    In either case, is the Amplifier on the side of the Board powered on as you attempt to play audio through wither the Board's speakers or the external speakers?
  • Yes, the sound comes through the board speakers with and without the external speaker connected. 
    We are using a 3.5mm to transfer sound to the amplifier on the board.
    Yes, the board is on, the light is green.
  • If you connect a set of headphones to the same output on the Amplifier to which the external speakers are connected, can you hear the computer's audio through those Headphones?
  • Sorry for the delay. I can hear the computer sound through headphones.
  • Judging from that, @jkrivjansky, it sounds as though the Amplifier on the board is working and is able to output sound to an external device (the headphones).  

    Our next suggestions would be to inspect the cabling used to connect the ActivBoard's output to the speaker in the ceiling, if that was not the same calbe used to connect the computer to that speaker directly earlier.
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