I have a Prm-35 that will not turn on. The power stays green all the time. Even after unplugging the power for 10 mins, as soon as you plug the power cord in, the power light is solid green.


  • Hello Chalexander, 

    With this issue, we would recommend trying another known working lamp in the projector to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the lamp itself. 

    Also does the green power light seem to blink at all? Or is it just solid? 

    We have also seen this issue occur when the batteries of the remote have died or are going bad, so it may be worth checking that the remote is still in working order.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • The power light is solid green, no blinking at all. I changed the batteries also. I don't have a bulb to test with.
  • Hi Chalexander,

    Do you have another projector like this one at your location, if you do take the lamp from that projector and try it in this one?  That will tell you whether it is the lamp or the projector.  Without trying a lamp it is hard to tell if it is the projector causing the issue.

    Thank you,
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