ActivInspire Crashing everytime I try to save!!! HELP ):

Hi! I am a middle school art teacher and I have used ActivInspire since I began teaching.  My new school has SMARTBoard so I have to use my personal computer in order to run the program...so I cannot ask IT about this problem and I am not sure what to do.

Everytime I try to open the file, it opens, it will even allow me to paste images into slides but it will crash about half way through saving the file. These flipcharts have tons of information because I use a lot of visuals. It would take HOURS to redo just one. The current one I am having trouble with has 317 slides. I just need it to stop crashing ):


  • If this is on a Windows-based computer, please try cleaning out the %TEMP% folder prior to saving the flipchart; does this have any effect on the software's behavior?

    If you can, try splitting up the larger flipcharts into smaller, more discrete ones; these smaller flipcahrts may have an easier time being saved.
  • bdickeybdickey Posts: 2
    I tried deleting the %TEMP% folder... It didn't seem to do anything.  I just ended up taking a few hours and copy and pasting the information into a new flipchart. It seems that the main issue is with some of the images I used as examples. So I just put all of the images into a folder so we can view the examples all at once.  Seems to be working for now! Thank you!
  • Hello bdickey, 

    Thank you for letting us know. It could have been a corruption of the flipchart that you were using.

    If you start having trouble with the new flipchart, please let us know!
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