ActivPanel(TM) 70" - Touch Feature Issue

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'Morning,  :)

There is an issue with the Touch Feature in one of our ActivPanel 70" panels. Basically, it stops working and I have partially resolved the issue with a workaround:

I logon to the PC connected to the panel with my admin account, run the ActivPanel app from the taskbar and in the first tab, I click on [UPGRADE] to update the Firmware. It runs direct from the Internet and it appears to complete. I then have to calibrate the panel.

After the routine above, the Touch Feature remains available, but only provided I do not switch OFF the panel and do not shutdown the PC. If I do, I have to repeat the above routine next time I turn the panel ON and switch the PC back ON.

So it looks like the panel "forgets" the Firmware upgrade?

Has anyone experienced this issue, or would Promethean know a permanent solution for the issue?

Many thanks

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  • With which model of ActivPanel of ActivPanel is this occurring?  The serial number label on the Panel will list that information; Article 1088 from our support page can help you locate that label on that Panel.

    Before performing the upgrade through the ActivManager's Control Panel, what firmware version is listed with the ActivPanel listed as a connected device?  While in the Control Panel of the ActivManager, look along the bottom for a copyright date and the version number listed after it; what is that version number?

    Does the same behavior occur when using a different computer with this Panel or connecting computers to different USB and video inputs on the Panel?
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