difference between "store file in flipchart" and "Store file + directory in flipchart"

I add a lot of links to other flipcharts in my flipcharts.  What's the difference between choosing to store the flipchart itself (that I'm linking to) in the first flipchart. . . and storing the file + the directory in the flipchart?  

I sometimes want to store the file (a flipchart) within the flipchart so that the link works for other teachers also (since it's not linking to something just stored on my c-drive--I usually just choose the "store file in flipchart".  However, I've noticed that if I link to the same flipchart in several places within a flipchart (or across other flipcharts), it actually links to separate copies. 

For example, if I click the first link to Flipchart 123 and make changes on the linked flipchart, I can save it.  However, if I create another link elsewhere to the same Flipchart 123, that one opens as a separate copy and does not have the changes saved in the first linked version.

I hope this makes sense.  Since I'm not quite sure what the second store option does diferently than the first, I'm not sure if choosing it would help the situation.  I want a linked flipchart to be accessible and open regardless of which computer I'm using, but if I make changes and save that linked flipchart, I want those changes reflected if I link to that flipchart elsewhere.  Although I guess when I link to it a second time, I'm creating the link back to the original file (not the version created and stored within the second link).  So maybe what I'm wanting is not possible since the saved within the flipchart version is now separate from the original.  It's more like how google does "make a copy".  


  • Hi teacher24_70,

    Thanks for posting.

    Essentially, when you store to the flipchart, this is not a live link, and it is opening the file that was originally stored to the flipchart.
    If you make changes to this, you would need to re-insert your links.

    If you store the file externally, providing that other teachers have access to this location (and the location doesn't change), then they can open this and make changes to this.

    I hope this information helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • That does make sense.  However, it still doesn't tell me the difference between just "store file in flipchart" and "store file + directory in flipchart".  Can you explain the directory component?
  • @teacher24_70, the "store file + directory in flipchart" option is for flash objects which may require some directory structure to function properly.  For importing pictures and other non-flash media into a flipchart, the "store file in flipchart" should be used.
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