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We have ''88 ActivWalls with UST-P1 projectors, along with the dedicated speakers that came with the kit.  All of last year audio presentations were just fine.  Turn the speakers on, sound would come out.  This summer we started noticing an issue where speakers would simply cut out as soon as someone tried streaming video via Netflix, Youtube, etc...  Once the audio was cut, it would not come back until the computer was restarted.

Until recently, I was able to go into the UST-P1 audio properties and change the Hz quality to one of the Studio Quality levels and that seemed to fix the issue.  However, now that fix isn't helping at all.

The weird thing is is that sound works just fine through the speakers, except until something is streamed from the internet.  One of my colleagues thinks it might be a DRM issue, that streaming services are killing audio if it recognizes that large resolution projectors are the source of a stream - but that doesn't really make sense as plenty of home users use projectors for personal use.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Byron Durk


  • Hi Byron

    Thank you for your post! 

    To help us look into the can you please provide answers to the below: 

    Does this happen on a specific browser or does it happen on all?

    When the sound goes out on the video, are you able to get sound from any other application on the computer?

    When the sound goes out, can you check the playback sound settings and see if it is still picking up the projector/soundbar? 

    Once we have this information we will be able to look into the issue further. 

    Thank you, 


    Promethean Technical Support. 
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