I can't project my ipad with activcast but I can with my iphone.

I am also experiencing this issue with not being able to mirror either thru AirPlay or using the ActivCast Sender app on iPads.  All we get is a black screen after you tap on Allow.  The ipad is running on current ios operating system 12.0.1 and panel to v2.2.0.0. They are connected to the same network.  It work fine when I use my iphone but the ipad is just a black screen.


  • Hi divey,

    Thank you for posting.

    Can you confirm which model of iPad is being used to mirror to the ActivConnect? If you can help to provide model number too, this will be great!

    If you turn your iPhone into a wireless hotspot and connect both the iPad and the ActivConnect to this and mirror, does this then show an image?
    Does this only show a black screen when you are in a specific application? Or does this happen when you are on the iPads home screen?

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • garyfgaryf Posts: 2

    I just got my Promethean today and noticed the same problem.  I have an iPhone XS Max.  When I hit allow on my promethean the screen went black.  The iPhone thought I was mirroring, but nothing displayed. 

  • garyfgaryf Posts: 2
    I figured it out.  Under activcast on the promethean, go to settings, mirroring resolution and select native.  This allowed me to cast my iPhone using airplay and the active cast app.
  • Hi Gary,

    Thank you for posting your solution to this issue. 

    Many thanks,
    Promethean Technical Support
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