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      We have just installed a Promethean Activpanel 70″ for a customer. 

      When they use ArchiCad and 3D view and try to rotate the model (which is basically left clicking and rotating with the mouse), they move the entire ArchiCad window instead of just the model. 

      You have to push several times and sometimes you rotate the model, but most of the time you move the entire window.. 

      1 touch and drag across the screen with either the finger or the pen is supposed to be left click? 

      Any ideas? 

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      Is the viewing and rotation being done in the ActivCAD software or in a web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox)?

      Is Windows, OS X, or some other operating system? Which version of that operating system?

      Please also ensure that our latest ActivDriver is installed on the computer for use with that ActivPanel Touch. If needed, that 5.12 ActivDriver can be downloaded from our Knowledgebase, in Article 10902.

      (Support Case 00605081)

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      The rotation is being done in the program (ArchiCAD). 

      OS is Windows 10 pro

      The latest driver have been installed..

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      We need to run some test with that program, as such can you please provide us a download link?

      Thank you

      Promethean Technical Support

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