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      There is power going to my Activboard but the flame will not light up. The projector will also not turn on, just flashes red and then solid red. Please help

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      Hi Ballyea,

      Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      It looks like you may be experiencing 2 issues here, lets look at each one separately to identify the cause.

      For the ActivBoard, please confirm the model number (not serial number), if this has built in speakers, does the amplifier on the left hand side have power and light up green or red?

      For the projector, please confirm the model number of the projector. Are you able to identify a LED sequence from the projector LEDs when you try to turn this on? For example, the power LED should flash a certain amount of times before pausing for a second and continueing the same sequence.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

Viewing 1 reply thread
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