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      James RitchJames Ritch


      We are having issues connecting to our ActivConnect boxes using our Chromebooks. I have installed the ActivCast Sender extension on the Chromebooks but when we click it, there is no option for us to put in an ID? Anyone had this problem before?


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      Hi James Ritch,

      Thanks for posting.

      If you connect a Chromebook and the ActivConnect/OPS-G to a WIFI hotspot from your smartphone, does this work to mirror your chromebook through ActivCast?

      If so, this may need additional set up on the network you are using.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Support

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      I just completed this step. Connected the chromebook and the panel to the hotspot on my phone. The chromebook connected for a brief two seconds, and wouldn’t connect again. I have added the information for the firewall. What else?




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      Hi Alicia,

      When you connected to the Chromebook to your smartphone and the ActivConnect, did this mirror at all?

      If so, then this would indicate that this worked, even if it was for a brief moment (this could be down to the data usage/network signal which is why it may have dropped out).

      If you still have issues whilst on your network, this would need to be looked at to see if there is any specific settings to Chrome that need to be allowed.

      We’d recommend looking through the below guide and making sure that this is all applicable:



      Kind regards,
      Promethean Support


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