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      Paul AwtreyPaul Awtrey

      When using self paced on ActivExpression 2, the questions work fine until question 8/10. The ActivExpressions then start asking the same question over and over again. Retry wrong answers is not selected. This just started recently. All firmware and software are up to date- ActivExpressions, drivers, ActivHub firmware. Thoughts?

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      If the students are
      allowed to navigate the question set on their own, can they navigate to question
      9 or 10 and answer either of those questions?


      Is the question
      repeating regardless of the answer given? 
      Of what format is the question (e.g. Multiple choice, text, numeric,


      It may also be
      worthwhile to ensure that the question itself is set up with the correct choice
      of answer chosen or input, especially in the case of a text entry question.


      Also, while we trust
      that the versions listed are at their latest, we would appreciate confirmation
      of those version numbers, in the event that we need to either recommend any further
      updates or test in a similar environment on our end.


      (Support Case

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      Hey Jarrad,
      It’s Paul Awtrey from Promethean now in China.  All of my firmware and drivers are up to day.
      I’m using OS X 10.10
      This issue just started and I was abler to replicate it 4 times in 4 different classes.
      The flip chart is brand new.
      All MC questions.
      Most of the the students got to question 8 and the ActivExpressions kept asking them the questions over and over again, even when they tried to change the answer and resubmit.
      I did not try self navigation.

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      Hi Paul,

      I was going to send you an email from the case but we do not seem to have your email address, could you let us know your email address so we can email you so that you can reply with the flipchart attached?

      Paul Ashton

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      Yes, Paul.  Thanks.

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      Hi Paul.
      I’ve sent an email from the case, feel free to reply back to this so we can advise further.
      Promethean Technical Support

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