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      Sebastian ClarkSebastian Clark

      Good morning all!


      We have a 75″ ActivPanel6 that will not turn on. The status light on the front stays red and there is no response from the front panel buttons. If I unplug the board from power, wait 60 seconds and then reconnect the light will briefly flash green before returning to solid red and continue to be unresponsive.

      Any ideas?

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      Hello Sebastian,

      Thank you for contacting Promethean Technical Support.

      We are sorry to hear about the issue with your ActivPanel. To help you solve it, we kindly ask you to do the following tests:

      1. Re-seat the power lead at the mains socket and ensure that this is connected to the power socket at the back of the ActivPanel. Does this help with the loss of power to the ActivPanel? (YES/NO) 1a. If NO, continue to step 2.

      2. Test with a known working power lead; preferably one that works fine with another ActivPanel, does this help with the issue? (YES/NO) 2a. If NO, continue to step 3.

      3. Test another known working mains socket. Does the same issue happen? (YES/NO) 3a. If YES, continue to step 4.

      4. Is the ActivPanel on an adjustable powered stand? 4a. If YES, connect a power cable directly into the ActivPanel bypassing the power point on the adjustable stand.

      If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us from the following page and provide the hardware serial number:

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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