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      Is there a way to select or use more than one touch input on the ActivPanel G Series flat panels? We have a computer setup and to interact with the PC directly with activcast we need to switch the touch input usb to “1” and it won’t work with 2,3, or 4. 

      Is there a selection we can switch to touch input 2,3, or 4 if we’re switching source?

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      Hello vrax,

      You can use all input on the ActivPanel, you will need the HDMI cable to match. For example, if you are connected to USB 2, the HDMI cable will need to be connected to HDMI 2. 

      Just to confirm, if you use any other USB port other than 1 with the ActivConnect the ActivCast interaction stops? 

      We look forward to hearing from you,


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