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      Jonathan NaismithJonathan Naismith

      We recently had a 55″ ActivPanel installed, however we have been experiencing issues with it. Sometimes it stops responding and the panel has to be switched off at the wall and on again before it will respond to anything. The remote control commands are not always accepted, again the panel has to be switched off and on again.(a hassle when all you want to do is turn down the volume)(the remote has fresh batteries in it also) The panel does not always see an input even though the PC is always duplicating its output. The only way to resolve is to remove the HDMI cable and re-insert it. Can anyone give any advice as to how to resolve these issues. We had hoped this product would be simple to use as its in a nursery room, but it is causing no end of headaches.


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      Hi Jonathan,

      Thank you for your post.

      I am sending you an email from the support case I have opened for you, we will need a little more information form you.

      Thank you,


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