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      Jon ChambersJon Chambers

      What is the password for the Windows side of the Table, (so that I can connect to a wireless network).
      Secondly, in the Activity session, when I press the ‘For Teacher’ icon to create a file/doc of the session interactions/input/touches etc, the file will not copy to a USB stick. 
      It comes up with a error message stating ‘files not copied correctly’.
      Any clues?


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      Hi Jon,

      Thank you for your post.

      The password for the Windows side of the ActivTable is – “activtable” all lower case.

      To help you with your second issue can you please confirm the following –

      1. What software version is the ActivTable running?

      2. Does this happen solely with this particular activity or is it replicating with all activities on the table? Also, update the activity if possible.

      3. Does the USB flash drive copy content properly from other sources? If it does not, please test with a different known-working USB flash drive.

      We look forward to hearing from you,


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