Interactive Flat Panels

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    Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison

    Good morning all,

    Looking at being able to connect student assistive listening devices (for students that are Deaf or hard of hearing) that requires analog audio at line level or headphone level. Students in room will need to hear the audio from speakers as well so using the Earphone/Headphone output is not an option.

    Obviously I could look at either HDMI audio extractors or Optical Audio to Analog D/A converter – my question is what is the AV Out connection for and what type of signal does it carry? IS it video and Audio similar to what is used on a lot of Video cameras (use a TRRS type 3.5mm connector at one end with Video/Left Audio/RIght Audio at other end).

    Can anyone shed any light to it’s wiring/pin configuration and/or use?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for posting.

    Can you confirm the model of ActivPanel you are using?

    Many thanks,

    Promethean Support

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