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      Hopefully this forum is the right place to ask this question, but I’m curious about the best and safest way to clean our new ActivWalls.  While our teachers are heavily encouraged not to use dry erase markers on the ActivWalls, a few stubborn ones will still go ahead and do so, just because they can.  

      After one teacher left some writing on the board overnight recently, I was using a “70% Isoprophyl Alcohol Wipe” to get it sparkingly fresh again, but then wondered if perhaps such a wipe was too strong for the board.  I don’t want to tarnish or rub off the finish or damage the board in any kind of way.

      So, basically, what does Promethean recommend as the best solution for cleaning dry erase marker from an ActivWall or ActivBoard?  As a rule, teachers who leave dry erase marker on the boards overnight will find it removed come morning by the night-shift cleaning crew, so I want to equip them with the best stuff.



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      Hello Byron,

      This is the right place to ask your question.

      To clean your ActivWall please do not use abrasive powders, soap, detergents or petroleum based cleaners or solvents on the ActivBoard surface.

      Water-based cleaners containing ammonia, vinegar or citrus (e.g., glass and counter cleaners) that leave no residual film can be used. Please check the contents on the container label prior to use or clean and test a small area before cleaning the entire surface.

      Stubborn stains or accumulations from other contaminants such as fingerprint oil, dirt, dust or use of grease, pencil or permanent markers may require the use of a detergent cleaner and a soft bristle brush. After such a cleaning it will be necessary to clean the surface two or more times with the approved whiteboard cleaner or denatured alcohol. Scratches cannot be repaired or removed and will make ink and stain removal in that area difficult. Do not use metal brushes, scrapers or cleaning cloths whose prior use is questionable.

      A polish with standard household spray polish will restore the smooth writing surface after cleaning.

      The surface of the ActivBoard is made to very high standards of durability. In normal use, you can expect satisfactory results every time with proper maintenance.

      I hope this help but if you need any further support please do not hesitate to contact us. 

      Kind regards,


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