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      Tammy TrahanTammy Trahan

      I use ActivInspire. On occassion it stops working and the shuts down. Now when I open the flipchart, my pages appear in the page browser, but the flipchart only displays the color of the page or a blank white page. None of the text or objects will appear on the flipchart even though they appear in the page browser. I updated ActivInspire, but seem to still have the same problem.

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      Thank you for your post.

      I’ve checked it with our Software team and they advised the below:
      We believe this is an issue with corrupt flipcharts.
      Now it’s just a matter of determining what’s causing the corruption and/or preventing it from happening moving forward.

      This is in our experience something that typically happens when a flipchart is saved. There were improvements made to the way the software saves flipcharts some time ago, so we want to ensure you’re relatively up to date. Can you please check your current version of ActivInspire in Help- About?
      Can you please also confirm where you’re saving your flipcharts- For example, are you saving them to your desktop? To a network drive? To a USB stick? Sometimes if a USB stick is not disconnected properly or if there’s a connection issue when saving to a network drive the file won’t save properly.

      Does this tend to happen more often with larger files, or files that have a lot of media stored in the flipchart? There may be an issue with your temp folders, where the file is stored while it’s open, and this would tend to affect larger files more.
      We’d suggest updating to the latest version of ActivInspire and saving to the hard drive, then transferring wherever you need first and foremost. If the issue still persists from there, then we advise you to clear the temp folders.

      We expect any changes will not help flipcharts already affected, but let us know if following these suggestions resolves the issue.

      Thank you


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