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      Eduards RitumsEduards Ritums

      Two boards:

      1. 500 series board paired with an EST-P1 projector and connected to a Dell Latitude E6510 mobile PC. Neither board nor PC displays images at the full width it is capable of: both have black stripes down their left and right edges.

      2. Touch 88 board, UST-P1 projector, Dell Latitude E5510. The images appear to be correct until calibrating, when the calibration circles appear as circles stretched vertically (ellipses taller than they are wide). An older Dell D830 with native resolution 1920×1200 displays the circles as circles on this board/projector. Do board ratio and native resolution always have to agree in this way?

      Thanks in advance for advice.

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      Hi Eduards,

      Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      The issue raised with the 500 series ActivBoard would depend on the size of this ActivBoard to help align the image. You will always have a small gap at either side, however this should only be a few cm’s.

      The 88″ ActivBoard Touch will need to have the projector set to be displaying 16:10 Aspect ratio from the menu settings on the projector.

      In either instance for both of the issues raised, you may find article 10418 on http://www.PrometheanKB.com useful.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      Thanks for the reply Adam. A quick update regarding the EST-P1, which takes priority over the Touch 88 for now. I had seen kb article 10418 before and sent detailed notes to my school district’s local tech rep before contacting the Promethean support community. The board is an 87″, thus 16:10. If memory serves, the EST-P1’s aspect ration is set to native, but I will confirm and adjust if needed. The PC’s display resolution seemed to be more confusing: without the board connected (via VGA) 1366×768, yet with the board plugged in, display resolution is fixed at 1024×768 with no apparent way to change it, even after updating the video driver.

      I will check the projector’s aspect ratio.

      If anything I’ve just added prompts reply, please know that I read and appreciate replies to the thread, even if I don’t reply right away.

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