What is ActivInspire?
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      Gene CkGene Ck

      I’ve been using the board for two weeks with the same computer and first, everything was ok (board+sound etc, connected with USB cable + VGA cable).
      Then,one week ago, when I turned on the sound on the board, my computer froze + the pen wrote lines instead of letters.
      Now, another problem: the sound from my computer works on the board but the board says “no source found” and I can’t see the screen of my computer on the board. The computer says Activboard is active but nothing on the board. Moreover, my computer tends to freeze or be very slow when I connect it to the board.

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      There appear to be
      several separate issues in this case we would need to work through.  Our
      Technical Support Team
      can best help you sort these out over the phone or
      through e-mail correspondence.


      (Support Case 501771)

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