Interactive Flat Panels
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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Absolutely! You will need to drag the ActivInspire window to the other screen each time you open the software.

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      Hi Wendy,

      we have the ActivPanel Touch 84″ and we are using the extended screen function but the touch is not working, however, it works on the duplicate screen.

      If we use extended screen and leave ActivInspire on the not-extended monitor, everything we draw on the ActivPanel will show on the ActivInspire on the not-extended monitor.

      Any solution on this?


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      Please be advised that interaction with an ActivPanel Touch used as an extended display is not a supported feature of that hardware.


      What may work in this case is to first Duplicate the displays and calibrate them.  After setting the displays back to Extended, use the ‘Display’ options in Windows’ Control Panel to arrange the two displays so that the computer monitor (which should be the primary one) is to the left of the (extended) ActivPanel display.  This may allow for the use of the ActivPanel as an interactive Extended Display for which the input is calibrated.


      This will not work with OS X at all.


      (Support Case 00514361)

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