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      christine dufourchristine dufour

      Hi there,

      I am the virtual learning coordinator for a small school in MD.  We have several at home learners as well as learners in the classroom.

      In our middle school rooms, I have a laptop connected to a tripod/USB webcam that looks at the teacher and the promethean board.  The Zoo ms run in morning and afternoon blocks. The problem is that the glare is so bad for the kids at home… they can’t see what is on the board, particularly when the whiteboard feature is being used.

      Because of the pandemic, the teachers move into the classrooms at the beginning of each period and start their lessons.  They don’t have time to initiate a new zoom from their laptop each time they enter a classroom and connect their cables to the promethean board.

      Is there a way for me to make the boards a participant in the running zooms?  Then the kids at home could see what is on the board and see the teacher running at the board?

      I have watched the tutorials, but I need a solution where its not the teacher sharing their screen to the zoom.

      Thank you!






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      Eddie PrometheanEddie Promethean

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      If you are using an Element Series ActivPanel you would need to enroll these panels in Panel Management and then enable Google Play Store. Once this is done you would then be able to download Zoom and the panel and then share your screen.

      If you are using a Panel with either and OPS G or an ActivConnect G, you would need to install the Play Store and then install Zoom. You would then join the meeting you are looking for.

      If you can let us know what model of panel you are using this may help us letting you know if this is possible or not. If you do not know the model, we can send you an email and gather your serial number and go from there.

      We look forward to hearing from you.


      Best regards,


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