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      Steve ShaperoSteve Shapero

      I hope I didn’t pain myself into a corner! I’m a Mac user at home and a Windows 10 user at school. I can use ActivInspire at school, but I’m in limbo at home. I don’t have a working external hard disk for my Time Machine, though one is on order. I just upgraded my OS to Catalina and was about to install the new ActivInspire 2.18; however, I was reading that the old ActivInspire should be uninstalled first. Guess what! Now that I’m on Catalina, I cannot run the ActivInspire Uninstall program.

      What would happen if I just installed ActivInspire without uninstalling the old version?
      Is there a way to uninstall ActivInspire while in Catalina?

      Will I ever be able to run ActivInspire from home again?

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      Hi Steve,

      If you do not have the uninstaller, you can follow the manual uninstall options on the link below:


      Once uninstalled, you can install the latest version of ActivInspire (2.18).


      I hope this helps.


      Kind regards,

      Promethean Support

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