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      cindy casteelcindy casteel

      My projector display is so dim I cannot use the board without turning off the lights. I have replaced the lamp and tried to adjust brightness from the menu. Nothing has helped. Also, the projection is often way off the screen causing me to adjust and calibrate too often. Help!

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      Hi Cindy,
      I would recommend contacting Promethean Technical Support directly for this issue so we can advise of the next steps, please also have your projector serial number to hand.
      Usually if the projector is still displaying a weaker image after another lamp has been tested it is related to a dust ingress issue. Have you tried to clean the filters at all? If your projector does not have any filters, please ensure that the vents on the side are free from dust build up.

      I have created a case to help support this issue, please quote this when you contact Promethean Technical Support. Your case reference is 00509415.

      Promethean Technical Support

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