What is ActivInspire?
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      Ict CruzeiroIct Cruzeiro

      Incredible!! We have a network of 6 computers. We created a flipchart with containers. It works well in five of the computers, but mine. I get an object, put it into the container, it fits, but when I try to get it back to the original position, it simply won´t return. It gets stuck into the container.
      Please help!

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      Hi there, do you have the same version of ActivInspire installed on all of your computers? You can check this by going to “Help” then “About”. As this is only an issue on one of your computers then we believe it is either a setting or software version that is at fault.

      If you need to update your version of ActivInspire, please go to http://www.PrometheanKB.com and search for article 10416.

      Please let us know if this helps.



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      Thanks, it worked!

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