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      Tiffany FosterTiffany Foster

      Good Morning,

      My Promethean ACTIVpanel Nickel 65″ does not come with the Play Store, it comes with the Promethean Store. When I go to Promethean Store and try to search google slides or anything google, it does not come up that there is an app. I downloaded the Play Store on a USB drive. I plug in the USB to my promethean board, go to files, click the USB drive, click on the play store to download. It comes up with an error of “Unknown apps can’t be installed by this user”. I am logged in as the admin of the board. I have looked all through settings to try and “allow unknow apps”, but I cannot find any settings. Any suggestions on how I can download google apps?

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      Slim PrometheanSlim Promethean

      Hello Tiffany,

      Thank you for your post.

      Kindly be informed that the Google Managed Services (GMS) on all ActivPanels Element Series need to be activated through the Panel Management section of the My Promethean Portal website.

      If you have created an account on our panel management platform, please access your organization and enroll your panel.

      Once done, you will be able to enable GMS, thus the Play Store through the integration option (see page 14 of the User Guide below).

      If you have not created an account or our MDM platform and have never submitted an organization request, you will need to do that first in order to enroll your panel and activate the GMS.

      You can download our Panel Management User Guide by clicking here.

      We hope our reply brings more clarity to the matter.

      Please let us know if you need any further information.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

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