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      Camilla WassbergCamilla Wassberg


      I just updated the activeinspire software on out device. Now it seems like you can’t import video files larger than 100 mb anymore.

      The flipcharts I have made – prior to the update – larger files are already imported and work just fine, but it doesn’t work in the new ones.

      Is there any other way to import videos without having to convert the file on a third party software?

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      Hi Camilla,

      Thanks for posting.

      Several changes were made to ActivInspire 2.22 to help reduce the risk of corrupt flipcharts and ActivInspire crashing, part of this was caused by video files being too large and file types resolutions being larger than what was supported.

      If you’re able to, try to compress the file down to a lower quality, or spread the video into shorter snippets across multiple pages.




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