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      Justin StokesJustin Stokes

      Has anyone updated the firmware on their boards yet? I have updated three different 378Pro boards and now none of them respond to touch. Using multiple computers. They show up in device manager as HID devices as they are now supposed to. Touch doesn’t work, and activmanager no longer detects them when connected. Flame is white and flashes blue to register a touch, but nothing registering on the computer.

      Have opened a support ticket but just curious what others have experienced.

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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      I have the same exact issue as well with the 378Pro.

      Caveat:  I did do the update over a USB cable that was longer than 3m and was connected to a USB booster.

      The board had been working fine in Windows 1803.  Promethean tech support suggested connecting to the board with a computer using a USB cable 3m or shorter.  Haven’t tried it yet, but I will post the result when I do.

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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hello Both,

      Can I ask which firmware you have upgraded too?

      You will need to upgrade using a 3m USB cable with a direct connection.

      You will also need the latest Promethean driver installed. I have provided a link below:


      Please let us know the results.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support



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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      I tried the 378pro again with a USB cable that was shorter than 3m.  Same result.  However, I was running a laptop with the latest version of ActivDriver, but it was Windows 1803!  🙁

      I haven’t gotten a chance to get that board hooked up to an 1903 Windows laptop yet.

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      Justin StokesJustin Stokes

      @ Craig, this is for 8.12, the firmware that was released on 10/31 to fix the BSOD issue.

      @Joe, all of mine were running 1903 which is why I was eager to install the upgrade asap 🙁

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      Adem PrometheanAdem Promethean


      Please remember when using a USB 3.0 chipset, 3m is the maximum length. Sometimes using a USB hub booster can help get a stable connection.

      Adem Couper

      Promethean Technical Support

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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      So today:

      • Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest ActivDriver
      • Connected to the board with a USB cable > 3m.
      • Used a laptop with all updates and Windows 1903 with USB 2.0.

      Got this result with our ABV378PRO, Serial C0912310354:

      • Flame went through it’s color routine and ended on white.
      • Pen does not work; When touching the board, flame turns blue.  Mouse cursor does not move.
      • I am unable to try to do the firmware update again; in ActivManager, there is no information about the connection to the board other than USB in the ‘Connection’ column.

      Two days ago, I did do the firmware update in article 1779, but it was over a 16ft USB cable with a booster.   After the firmware update, that’s when our issues started.

      I went through all the steps in the 1779 article re: selecting ‘tablet’ in ActivManager.

      I went through the steps for changing the Windows Tablet PC settings with no success; the pen did not work for the calibration screen that popped up during these steps.


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      Adem PrometheanAdem Promethean

      Hi Joe,


      The flame being white is correct and that it turns blue when a pen touches the surface is also correct.

      Can you please confirm what firmware is currently installed on the ActivBoard?

      You do no need to go to the “connections” tab as this for legacy serial connections and not USB.

      Even using a USB 2.0 port if it has a USB 3.0 chipset this will sometimes takes precedence.

      When attempting a firmware update we recommend only doing it with a short cable which gives you a stable connection.

      Thank you.


      Promethean Technical Support


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        Joe ParkJoe Park

        I am unable to view the firmware version; there is no information in the ActivManager window other that ‘USB’ under the ‘Connections’ column.  Also, the board takes around 7 minutes to connect to ActivManager, but even then the connection info just says ‘USB’ under the ‘Connections’ column.

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        Justin StokesJustin Stokes

        I’ve got an appointment for a remote session with Promethean support tomorrow morning. Will update this thread with any info I get.

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      Justin StokesJustin Stokes

      Ok, Had a session with Promethean support. You have to boot the boards in a very specific order after the firmware upgrade basically every time a computer is connected to it.


      Power off amplifier, either the button on side or unplug power.
      Disconnect USB (this also provides power)
      Reconnect USB (flame in corner will cycle colors and settle solid white when finished booting)
      Power amplifier back on.

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        Dear Promethean.. is this expected behaviour? We’re also experiencing this problem on several boards after the firmware upgrade.

        Although following the boot procedure does work to fix the connection … i can’t say our teachers are happy about it being necessary…

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      Kyle BisignaniKyle Bisignani

      So just to follow up with everyone, I can confirm independently of Justin’s work with Promethean Support the issue is in fact related to the 300 Pro models (could be 500 Pro too, but I don’t have any of those) with the powered speakers.  When connecting a device (such as a laptop) to the board and the speakers are powered on, the flame indicates that everything is connected, but the pen does not register and the ActivManager shows a red X indicating no board is connected.

      Disconnecting the laptop from the board, powering off the speakers, then connecting the laptop back up, and finally turning on the speakers, resolves the issue.

      The support rep I spoke with didn’t really have any information on the issue just yet, so I can only hope this is just a simple driver update and not new firmware that has to be loaded onto the board.  Fact is, having to dock and turn on the speakers after the fact is probably better than the laptops restarting from a Windows BSoD.

      She did say to keep an eye here at the forums for an update from Promethean about the issue…

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      Hi Cross, Kyle Bisignani

      Thanks for posting.

      From the issue that you have mention about the steps that you’ve followed from Justin Stokes, we think that you may have previously been on an older version of ActivBoard firmware prior to updating to the HID firmware.

      I would recommend rolling back your firmware to one listed on the article below and then updating to the HID firmware again:


      Please remember, after you’ve applied the HID firmware please follow these steps:

      -Power off the ActivBoard at the amplifier by pressing the On/Standby button. Ensure that the button is now red.
      -Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
      -Reboot the computer.

      This should only be required the once.




      Promethean Support

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      Kyle BisignaniKyle Bisignani

      Yikes Adam! Yes, I’m certain the boards with issues certainly weren’t updated prior to loading the new HID firmware. Any special instructions to roll back, or is it as simple as installing the file in the article you linked?

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      Jordan KasparekJordan Kasparek

      I already posted this somewhere else but the solution here only fixes it until you unplug from the board again. I talked to Promethean support for over an hour yesterday and while we have found no permanent solution this is the solution I found to work best temporary:

      It seems that ActivManager freezes up when you plug in your laptop if the amp on the side is on, to fix this:

      • After you unplug your laptop from the board turn off the amp on the side (light should be red)
      • After you plug your laptop back into the board turn the amp back on (light should be green)

      This should stop ActivManager from freezing for the time being until it is permanently fixed


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        Yep. I also told our users to make sure the AMP is off when they leave the classroom to prevent the issue from happening in the morning when they connect to the board.

        Adam, all our boards are 300 series 87″. I’m pretty sure they were all running 8.09 firmware prior to updating.

        I guess the only thing i didn’t quite do as you describe is the procedure after updating. I used my own laptop to walk from board to board to update them … obviously i did not reboot my laptop each time i updated a board…

        Is it even possible to have a firmware upgrade being only half a success? I thought these things either go well … or fail completely?

        I’ll try downgrading and upgrading again with some boards to see what happens.

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        Kyle BisignaniKyle Bisignani

        I mean as it stands right now, I’d rather have users keep their speakers off than have the laptops reboot 4 times a day…  Heck, I’ll just disconnect the speakers outright and give them desktop speakers if I have to.

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      Calibrating these boards post firmware update is a nightmare.


      • Windows 10 1903
      • Promethean 300/500 Series

      Can calibrate:

      • 1 monitor
      • 1 projector

      Cannot calibrate:

      • Multiple monitors regardless if using duplicate/extended mode
      • Multiple monitors with one display set to “disconnect this display”. While monitors and projectors are physically connected, I cannot calibrate.

      Even windows “Tablet” settings in the control panel cannot be setup as it won’t accept any input from the board. Once I remove a monitor, I can use both utilities without issue.

    • #18289

      Hi SUHSD TECH,
      You have a different issue than what has been reported by others. To help with your issue, per the instructions on Article 1779, did you set your ActivManager Control Panel to Tablet mode under the pens tab:

      Here is the extract from the article:

      b. Pen interaction in extended desktop will only work if ActivManager is set to Tablet mode.

      Open ActivManager’s Control Panel and click on the Pens tab.
      Under Pen Mode, select Tablet.
      Click Close.
      NB: You may need to configure Windows 10 to allow the Stylus input to work on your ActivBoard as the second screen. To do this, go to the
      Windows Control Panel, open Tablet PC Settings, then click Setup and follow the instructions on screen.

      This is due to the way Windows handles different input types (Mouse inputs, Stylus/Pen inputs, Touch inputs, etc.).
      Due to the limitations of Windows HID device drivers, mouse inputs cannot be used on a single extended screen only (e.g. the ActivBoard). Windows HID device drivers only allow Stylus and Touch inputs to control single extended screens.
      This is because Windows expects mouse events to span across all screens, not each individual screens separately, so pen interaction as Mouse input cannot work in extended desktop.


      For the Connectivity issues mentioned by Cross, Jordan Kasparek and Kyle Bisignani. Can you confirm that you have rolled back your firmware and then performed the HID firmware upgrade per the full article instructions listed here?



      Promethean Support

      • #18351

        Yes I’ve gone through the steps. Even if I set them to tablet mode, any form of extended desktop does not work. This is on either the 300 (grey) or 500 (dark grey) series boards. They all work for me in duplicated mode with one monitor, one projector.

      • #18364


        Have you tried to calibrate using the Windows Calibration Tool in Tablet PC Settings under Windows?



        Promethean Support

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      Kyle BisignaniKyle Bisignani

      So I tried your steps @Adam-K-Promethean, upgrading the firmware to the previous latest firmware 8.10 for our 378 Pro boards, disconnected, rebooted,  reconnected, then repeated the steps for the 8.12 firmware.


      Unfortunately even after all that, if the powered speakers are on and I connect the laptop, the flame turns white, but the pen doesn’t work.  Disconnect the laptop from the board, power off the speakers, reconnect the laptop to the board, pen works.  Turn on speakers, pen still works.


      So… I’m going to update them anyway because this procedure at least allows the teachers to use their boards without the computers blue-screening and rebooting.  But I’m not sure what the next steps should be – should I report this to support again, or is it something that is already being looked at?  Maybe just needs an update to the driver?  Hopefully not a new firmware….

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      Hi Kyle Bisignani,

      Thanks for the update and confirmation.

      We are still investigating this issue internally, however as a test, could you try and uninstall ActivDriver completely, following the instructions and see if the ActivPen still works and if you are required to repeat the same steps for the pen to work?

      Please follow the steps on the below link:




      Promethean Support

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      Michael LawrenceMichael Lawrence

      I can confirm the same issues when upgrading our 378Pro boards to the latest firmware release (8.12).  We have upgraded and tested several 378Pros from 8.10 build 7 to 8.12. If you unplug the USB cable and plug it back in and the amp on the board is on (green light) the ActivBoard will never show up in ActivManager and pens do not work. If you unplug the USB cable, turn off the board amp (red light) and reconnect the USB cable it will connect every time (shows in ActivManager) and functions correctly. Once connected you can turn the amp back on without issue.  I have been able to replicate this issue every time on Windows 10 builds 1803 and 1903 with the latest ActivDriver installed (5.18.12).  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the ActivDriver but issue remains.  Problem only exists when board has new firmware.

      Since this changes the behavior our teachers are used too we are considering delaying our 1903 update push. We would rather not delay but we have hundreds of 378Pros and explaining the new connection  process is easier said than done.

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      Joseph ShipleyJoseph Shipley


      I’m also having the exact same issue as Michael Lawerence above.  I have resorted to just leaving the amp/speakers off and using my own speakers so that I don’t have the connection issue until a driver is updated, etc.

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      John O'MahonyJohn O’Mahony

      Hi Adam and all,

      I am having the same issue where teachers are using laptops with 378 Pro boards that I upgraded the firmware on to HID that are stored each afternoon. The firmware upgrade though not perfect perhaps  is a big improvement on the situation of having the computer constantly restarting a few weeks ago, sometimes maybe three times in the space of ten minutes. When connected next morning pens not working. The solution to disconnect USB, turn mains off at board, reconnect USB and wait for colours to cycle and finally power up boards again does work. However teachers have been using these boards for many years and are not accustomed to this procedure, if a solution can be found it would be very helpful and appreciated.

      Can I ask a question re the non supported driver for 2nd Generation Boards. Does Promethean recommend updating firmware on these boards as per Article 1391 before installing the updated non supported driver?

      Thanks in anticipation.



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      Hi John, Joseph, Michael,

      We are aware of this method for connecting and our hardware team are currently looking into this.

      For the 2nd Generation ActivBoards, this does not necessarily need the latest firmware applying to the ActivBoard prior to using the unsupported ActivDriver.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Support

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      John O'MahonyJohn O’Mahony

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for your reply to my query above and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I tried the non supported driver for the 2nd Generation ActivBoards on a board where I had previously updated firmware. It certainly has worked very well on the board I tried it on, teacher reports that so far issue of BSOD crashes resolved. I found that I didn’t have to disable Secure Boot on the bios of the particular HP laptop connected to this board which made the installation of the new driver a quick and painless procedure. I was wondering has anyone tried using the non supported driver on the newer  AB 100, AB 300 or AB 500 ActivBoard?. I am tempted to try it on the next board where the laptop updates to Windows 10 Build 1903 as with the other Promethean HID firmware update process I have found there are three stages to the installation process:

      •  ActivDriver has first to be updated, computer has to be rebooted
      • Firmware has to be updated from downloaded file, have to log in with an administrator account and follow procedures outlined carefully
      • HID firmware update while connected to the internet
      • Change of behaviour that teachers/pupils are accustomed to – turning off power to the board before connecting USB, once USB connected and colours cycle, turn on power otherwise driver doesn’t load properly and pens not working
      • Double clicking with pen not working as before whereby users (teacher/pupil) must go to the computer to browse folders, launch applications etc.

      I am interested in other views on the above or if anyone knows about progress on a solution for these issues with HID firmware from Promethean.

      Thanks in anticipation.


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      Hendrik HeirmanHendrik Heirman

      Is there still no definitive fix available for this problem?

      I have 12 boards which I upgraded to the last firmware, computers al have the latest windows updates and the most recent activdriver.

      The fix with switching the amp off before connecting works most of the times but not allways. Teachers are complaining on a daily basis…

      Can Promethean please give an estimated date for a definitive fix?

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi all,

      Thank you for all the feedback regarding this. We appreciate the update has caused a lot of issues for a lot of Windows users and are working with our Software development team to see what our options are in regards to the ActivDriver and Firmware for the ActivBoard 300 and 500. The good news is that at least the boards can be used with the new Firmware, we just need some time to iron out these connection issues some people are seeing.

      We will definitely keep you posted!

      Thank you!



      Promethean Technical Support


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        Adam VeatchAdam Veatch

        Any updates on this issue, Wendy?

      • #18774

        Hi Adam,

        We do not have any further updates at the moment on this.
        We’ll add your request to the development teams ticket.

        Many thanks,


        Promethean Technical Support

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      Adam VeatchAdam Veatch

      Technical support should probably include this issue as a possible side effect in your 1779 article. We’ve begun upgrading firmware as well and started running into issues a couple days afterwards once computers have restarted.

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