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      Sean WilliamsSean Williams

      I experienced a very unexpected event yesterday. While setting up a new Dell AIO to work with an old generation 2 Activeboard, I had the pen work with full functionality. But, it shouldn’t have. The computer has the latest Win10 build (20H2), the latest ActivDriver (5.18.19) and Inspire 2.18 or 2.19. By all rights, that computer should not have been able to recognize that board, and yet it did. Does anyone know why?

      This is not just an academic question. My district is facing the prospect of losing the interactive functionality of 400+ AB2 boards when we have to update all devices to Win10 1903 or newer. Due to budget constraints, very few of these can be replaced with new Promethean panels. So, if anyone else can speak to a similar experience, please share.

      (I know that this post is lacking some of the configuration specifics – I will add firmware details and such when I can.)

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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi Sean,

      Thanks for your post.

      This is an interesting development.

      We would expect there to be Blue Screen error messages appearing whe using the Pen on the Board or the hardware not being picked up in ActivManager, Depending on the firmware/model/ActivManager version.

      Is it possible the Boards have been misidentified as 2nd Gens? Would it be possible to provide us with a sample of their serial numbers to double check this?

      The only way up to now, to potentially have the 2nd Gen Board working with any version Windows after 1903, was to use the unsupported driver described in the forum post here.

      If these are definitely Gen2 Boards connecting to Windows 10 20H2 devices using the latest ActivDriver, this is very unexpected and something we may need to investigate.

      My only guess at this time is that 20H2 has once more changed how Windows identifies Human Interface Devices, making older tech compatible again.

      In any case, thanks again for your post and we will raise this internally for review.


      Please do not hesitate to get back in touch if you have any further questions.


      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support




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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hello Sean,

      Thank you for the information.

      It was always the case that some computers caused a blue screen crash, and others did not. Even in the Promethean testing labs, some would cause a BSOD whereas others never did.

      It all depends on a number of different factors, including but not limited to the OS options being used, the firmware in the machine, and other factors outside of our control.

      Again, thank you for sharing the information you have gathered.

      Kind regards,


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