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      Pat VerhoevenPat Verhoeven

      On my list of programs I have the following problems:
      a. I have a preload version of my flipchart Add, Subtract, Multiply, and More Practice as well as an actual flipchart.
      b. I have 2 Lower Grades Addition and Subtraction Skills flipcharts
      I am using OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.2
      Please help me remove the ones I do not need.
      Thank you, Pat Verhoeven

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      Are you seeing multiple copies of the files in question when looking in the folder in which the files are located (such as when looking in the ‘File’ menu and choosing ‘Open’) or in the ‘Open Recent’ menu within the ‘File’ menu?

      If the latter is the case, please be advised that the files listed in the ‘Open Recent’ menu will change as more flipcharts are opened in the software. In the up-to-date version of the ActivInspire software, that menu should also have a ‘clear list’ option to remove all items from that list so it can be refilled afterwards by opening other flipcharts.

      (Support Case 00615406)

Viewing 1 reply thread
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