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      Michelle McSwiganMichelle McSwigan

      After using my board for about 6 years, last week it just started spiking. It’s intermittent and seems to happen more often in a particular spot on the board. Here are my current board stats:

      Model AVB378 E100
      ActivHub Firmware V5.11 Build 4; Driver V5.7.22.1
      ActivBoard Firmware V8.04 Build 4;
      ActivSlate Driver V5.7.22.1
      ActivInspire Professional Edition 2.3.65940
      Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1

      I’ve tried simple fixes, unplugging the board, switching pens and trying new flip charts.  No luck.  In my quick Google searches it might be a driver issue.  If it is a driver issue, where can I find them and any tips during installation – like how to make sure my board and computer find each other again.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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      The updated
      ActivDriver can be downloaded from Article 10902 on our Knowledgebase, if needed. 


      After installing that
      driver, you may be prompted to re-boot the computer; the board should be
      recognized by the ActivManager installed on the computer after the updated
      driver loads.  You will then have the
      ability to calibrate the ben input at the board; after calibrating, do you see any
      change in the interactions made at that board with pens?


      If the USB connection from the computer to the board uses
      any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable, a booster or other adapter,
      or a wallbox), please instead connect directly from the computer to the board
      using only a single length of A-to-B USB cable running from a USB port on the
      computer to the behind the board’s upper left corner.  Does connecting to
      the board’s electronics in this manner affect the interactions made at that


      If not, please contact
      our Technical Support Team
      with the board’s serial number, so its warranty
      coverage can be verified.


      (Support Case 00522099)

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      Jarrad, thanks for the reply.  Do I need to update the ActivHub and/or ActivBoard firmware too?

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      If the ActivHub is used in making a wireless connection to the board, then I would suggest doing so according to the instructions in Article 10421 on our Knowledgebase. If not, then I would leave it as is; it should have no effect on this particular issue, if that is the case.

      If the direct connection described above does not affect the behavior at the board, I would recommend contacting technical support, as they may be able to provide a firmware update for that board to help correct that behavior, and assist you in applying that file to the board.

      (Support Case 00522099)

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      Jarrad, thanks for all of the help.  We’ve successfully updated the hub and we think we’ve figured out the issue. 

      I was recently given a new contactless/proximity badge to gain entry into my building.  I wear it around my neck on a lanyard.  When I reach up to the top of my board, the badge touches (or gets close to) the board.  This is when the spiking occurs.  I’m guessing something in my badge is interfering with the board.  This would also explain why the spiking was so intermittent.  Thanks again.

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      Thanks for letting us know. That makes sense- your model board and pens work with a passive electromagnetic technology, and some ID badges use similar technology; probably the board is picking that up and not knowing what to do with the input.

      It’s often hard to identify those types of little environmental factors, so thank you for being attentive to catch that and again also for letting us know.

      Thanks again,

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