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      I cant find a company that sells this product in australia

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      Hi and thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      I’m not too sure on the specifics that you are after but have you tried searching the ClassFlow Marketplace? This has both content for ClassFlow and ActivInspire flipcharts which you may be able to customise your questions.
      Please take a look:!/marketplace

      Hope this helps.
      Promethean Technical Support

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      Thank,s but i  could not find what i was looking for on the market place.

      Several years ago i was told of a product called the ‘race game’ which was available for use  on Promethean white boards.  It was a series of thousands of questions  from a variety of year levels which were science based and  came from England.   I believe their is a similar program for maths as well.   As students answer the questions the more they get correct their car goes faster around a race track.
       The company no longer sells this product  and i have been anable to find this anywhere else.  Is anyone able to help me?

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      Have you had a look at this one ?-!/product/itemId=055a7f07a25c429b9f31846563199218

      If that is not what you’re looking for, it may be that the developer may have asked for the activity to be removed.

      Thank you


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