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      I made a slide that I planned to collect information from my class on. I wrote their answers/ideas using the annotation tool over the top of the slide.
      So far, I can only find a way to print the annotated notes which do not show the slide behind, and this does not make much sense…

      How can I print what is basically shown on the screen.

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      Thank you for posting on the Support forum.
      (Case reference 00474904)
      For this particular issue you have mentioned, it would appear that ActivInspire is unable to print the annotations on top of your desktop annotation screen, only as a separate slide.
      A work around would be to screenshot the screen (Print screen) or using a “snipping tool” to capture the area and save as a picture and print.

      I will raise this as an enhancement with the software development team to hopefully review and implement in future releases of the software.


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      Following on from my post.
      The best tool to use would be the camera tool within ActivInspire. This way you can capture the background to annotate and print correctly.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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