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      Allison YeagerAllison Yeager

      When I go to my login (startup) items it is not listed, but opens as soon as my computer turns on. I don’t want the manager or flash bridge to start up when my computer starts.

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      HI Allison,

      You can remove start up items from Mac operating systems by navigating to System Preferences > Users & Groups. Once there, click your username, and then click on the Login Items tab.

      Please note that ActivManager is required in order to get your Promethean ActivBoard to connect and work to it’s full potential.

      Support Case – 00519764

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      Hi Adam
      I have the same problem, I would love to have ActivManager running at all times, but without the icon filling up the space at my menu bar.

      As shown in the picture above, I agree to Allison’s observation, ActivManager does not appear in the start up items. And once I’ve shut ActivManager down, I’m not able to relaunch it, unless i restart my mac and the manager launches automatically.
      It would be lovely if ActivManager were an application equally with all other applications, that can be shut down and relaunched on demand, prevented from starting up automatically and where I’m able to choose whether the icon is visible or not.

      • How do I prevent ActivManager from starting up or the icon from appearing in my menu bar, with or without the program still running?
      • How do I launch the ActivManager without having to restart my mac?

      I hope that you can help us, or at least bring the critics of ActivManager to the developers of your software.

      Best Regards
      /Teaching primary school in Denmark

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      Hi Morten,

      Thanks for posting.

      With regard to the ActivManager, this should be able to be re-opened once you have closed this down.

      You will need to launch this back from the installation folder which should start ActivManager without the need to restart your Mac.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      I can restart ActivManager by searching in Spotlight. 

      The program is called “” and resides in /Applications/Promethean/ActivDriver/

      I also woule LOVE to be able to disable automatic start of the ActivManager when restarting. Could we have a setting for that, please?

      (I assume it is currently not possible to disable that short of uninstalling the whole software, else Adam K probably would have told us about it.)

      I found that is being auto-started by placing a file in


      The file there is called “com.promethean.activmgr.plist” and within it it just launches /Applications/Promethean/ActivDriver/

      There is another file by Promethean in the same place:  “com.promethean.activhardwareservice.plist” which runs /Applications/Promethean/ActivDriver/

      I have no idea what this one does (the .app cannot be launched by me “just like that”).

      If you want to prevent autostart of the ActivManager you might try *AT YOUR OWN RISK* to remove the first or both files out of /Library/LaunchAgents/.  If you try this, I’d suggest to MOVE it someplace so you can put it back.

      I tried both (removing only “com.promethean.activmgr.plist” or both “com.promethean.activ*” files) and in both cases I prevent ActivManager from auto-starting, yay!  I haven’t tested the functionality of the software now as we don’t have the Promethean screens quite yet… But if anybody else could test that I’d be grateful.

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      You could move the file out of the startup items folder in System Preferences >Users & Groups, Login Items tab or delete references to ActivManager in:

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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