What is ActivInspire?
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      Julie ParsonsJulie Parsons

      Our students now have Chromebooks to use during class and at home. We have had Active Inspire for the past six years and I would like to be able to convert some of my flipcharts into Google slides (Google Presentation). If I can directly convert the flipchart to Google slides–great, but if not, can’t I convert a flipchart to a Power point? Then I can convert the power point to google slides so my kids can have it on their chromebooks.

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      With the Professional
      Edition of ActivInspire in use, you can export a flipchart to .jpg, .bmp, .iwb,
      or .pdf.


      For information on
      what, of the above formats, PowerPoint or Google Slides  can import, please refer to the documentation
      and support for those programs provided by their manufactuer.


      (Support Case

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      How do you do that? I don’t see export anywhere?

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      In ActivInspire’s ‘File’
      menu, ‘Export’ should be towards the bottom:


      Be advised that this screenshot
      was taken in the up-to-date version 2.3 ActivInspire software, with the Professional
      Edition features unlocked. 


      The ActivInspire Suite
      to use for installing that updated version can be downloaded from this
      on Promethean Planet (after logging in to that site). 


      To confirm whether the
      Personal or professional Edition is in use, look in ActivInspire’s ‘Help’ Menu,
      under ‘About’ and look at the bold type across the top of the window to see the
      version number installed and the edition in use.  If the Personal edition is in use, you will
      need to acquire an Activation Key to unlock those features.

      (Support Case 00505127)

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      Jarrad… you do know that this doesn’t actually exist, correct?   I have found NO WAYS since the update in 2013 to save a flipchart file into a PowerPoint.  There used to be an easy conversion, but that is no longer available on ANY edition that I know of.  If i am wrong, could you please advise how to access this.  The use of chromebooks makes flipcharts extremely difficult.  I don’t mind losing some functionality, but i do NEED it to be in PowerPoint.

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