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      Cynthia NealCynthia Neal

      I am brand new to this, so I don’t know what is in the realm of possibility and what is not. Right now I am thinking that everything is, and the only barrier is me! I am working with students on paragraph writing. I would like display sentences on the Promethean Board and having students move the sentences around in the paragraph in or to make the paragraph clearer and more effective. Is there a resource, mode or software that would allow me to do this?

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      On a flipchart page, the Text tool can be used to create Text
      objects which can be moved around the page and manipulated as you would any
      other object (like a shape or a picture) on a page.


      Be advised that this will not replicate any indentions and
      the objects will not automatically re-shape themselves to wrap to the next line.


      (Support Case 00515207) 

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